Thursday, February 18, 2010

Time to Grow Up

The arbitrary notion that taxes are always too high is not just childish, magical thinking but is deeply detrimental to society in general.  Think of it like this - you need to buy a new TV.  Do you have enough money?  Obviously, you cannot answer that question until you determine what TV you are going to buy.  Similarly, you cannot determine an appropriate level of taxation until you reach a conclusion about the level of government services you expect.  To demand tax cuts while simultaneously demanding infrastructure, education, law enforcement and it's handmaiden incarceration, a massive military and benefits for the veterans it produces is simply stupid.  Until we are willing to decide on a level of government services we'll accept, we CANNOT know how much taxation will be required to fund them.  Until I hear that discussion taking place, it's all just the buzz and drone of thoughtless anger...

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