Sunday, February 28, 2010

Things Always Seem the Darkest...

Now the darkness truly falls.  The olympics provided a rare couple weeks of relief, but the reality is back upon us, more ponderous and debilitating than ever.  I speak of that meaningless, dark period between the Super Bowl and Opening Day.  Nothing, just NHL hockey and college basketball, along with diversions akin to self-flagellation such as NASCAR and Golf.

So, we'll read books.  We'll watch movies.  We'll organize our silverware drawer, and sharpen all our knives.  We'll tinker with the network, with the radios, with the music collection.  Things will get broken, and frustration shall be our lot.  And let me just say that every year I truly look forward to "March Madness", not because I enjoy it, no, truth to tell it's painful and stupid, much like it's poster boy Dick Vitale, but because in all it's loud pointlessness it signals the end of the great dark period, with baseball just around the corner.

The Giants open up in Houston on April fifth, just what, like thirty six days from now?  Just be strong.  Now, where'd I put those ethernet patches?


  1. For me it's always nice to know spring training is going on, but I never really get into it. It's just a good sign the real deal is coming. I've never had any interest in going to a spring training game, for example, and I don't start paying serious attention to baseball until the regular season actually starts.

    You could consider this dark period your Lent.

  2. The upside downy seasons you have is hard to unnerstand

  3. The end of March Madness means there's only the NBA left. That baseball shit will never catch on.

  4. These are the dark ages: Did two loads of laundry today.