Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What Can We Learn From This? -- An Occasional Series

Americans, now too fat and lazy to even count their money, rush to an automated service that counts it for them - well, at least it counts 90% of it or so.  The rest it keeps.  Sure, up until now one of the things that was simply understood about money is that having it meant you would, at some point, have to count it.  You cannot buy something if you don't know how much money you have.  But in 2012 America that is simply an unacceptable chore.  It is better to pay someone to count your money, even if when the counting process is complete they don't actually return it all to you.  Hey, that's the free market in action, right?

Think about the context here.  Think about the women who gather firewood in Darfur at the risk of their lives.  Think about the people in Syria or Iran or Palestine, who want some kind of chance to live their lives, raise a family, go to work and offer something to the next generation. Think about the lives we've thoughtlessly and pointlessly ruined in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia.  Think about the people, just now, tonight, aching for a chance at nothing more than a job and a future, a roof, clean water and something that their children might recognize as a better life.  Then look at us.

Bloated, struggling with our excesses, unaware of the world, we rain anonymous death from the skies and threaten to turn entire regions into smoking rubble.  We offer aid, but only if the nations in such desperate need are willing to put OUR interests above their own.  We demand endless, unlimited fealty but reserve the right to walk away at any time, to declare our allies terrorists, to insist that democratic votes go a certain way and UN powers are never exercised.

This is what freedom looks like today.  People, standing in line, to pay a robot to count their money.  All the while with earbuds tightly in place and the world's increasing desperation nothing more than the rustling of a dove's wing.

American Exceptionalism.  Feel it.


  1. Not only does the robot keep its percentage, I believe it pays in scrip that's only redeemable at the store where the robot is embedded.

    Fucking sheep.

  2. If you don't give the robot your money, the robot sends one of its drone friends to kill your family.

    - Coinstar, The Next Generation

  3. This coinstar business might be more accurately seen from another angle. Banks don't take walk-ins and offer free change service to people who don't have a bank account, even if the money's all counted. The bank will charge a fee. People who are not "too fat and lazt to even count" may prefer avoiding the bank experience. The proliferation of these machines is an indicator of disenfranchisement, not entitlement.
    If anything your ugly rant makes you seem to be the one on whom 'freedom' is wasted.

  4. I readily accept the premise that what I do can rightfully be called "ranting", but I reject your despicable conclusion, sir, that my rants are in any way "ugly". If anything, they are embraced for their elegance and eloquence.

    Thanks for reading.

    Do carry on...