Sunday, October 17, 2010

Comcast Hates Me

I don't understand what's going on.  In past years, you got two football games to choose from at 10, two others at 1, and a third at five.  Sure, and you never got any choice about WHICH games they would be, typically one would be the 49ers game and one would be the Raiders game (if it wasn't blacked out), but in any case, you could watch up to three out of five games on offer, or even all five with advanced clicker skills.

This year they've been stingy to the point where I wonder if they're just mad at me.  Last week we had no morning games, one afternoon game and of course the nationally televised night game.  Today I can watch Atlanta and Philadelphia (what IS it with Philadelphia these days?  For that matter, where the hell IS Philadelphia?) this morning, or I can not watch a football game.  That's all the choice there is.  On a rainy Sunday in October.  It would be nice if I could watch the Saints in Tampa or the Ravens against the Fighting Bradies, but Comcast is continuing to punish me.  This afternoon, the only option is the Alpo™ Awful Bowl featuring the 0-5 49ers and the always embarrassing Raiders.

Ah well.  I guess it's what I get until I can find a way to make Comcast forgive me for my transgressions.  I'm unwilling to go out in the world to any degree on weekends.  I've been unemployed for so long all those people out running around just frightens me.

The announcer just informed me that he spent part of yesterday "talking to Philadelphia".  I'm trying to parse this.  But it just seems increasingly odd.  And generally unlikely...


  1. I'm hoping to see some disgruntled Manning face in tonight's game.

  2. Hey, at least you had electricity.

    Not totally following your narrative though. Is this Comcast not carrying Fox, or something else?

  3. I don't know. All of a sudden there's a dearth of football. Used to be 2 games on fox, 2 games on cbs and the national game on nbc. Now, it's hit and miss, it's like they don't feel like they need to provide these. Fox will have sitcoms, and cbs will be paid programming. I'm sure it's some kind of turf war, but they're pissing me off...