Thursday, March 18, 2010

Equal Opportunity Dicks

You know the story, it's as old as money. Walmart comes to town, local so-called 'mom and pop' stores can't compete with the prices, locals reluctantly (or enthusiastically) buy their books, clothes, music, electronics, housewares, cosmetics, pretty much everything at the huge new Walmart, and the smaller, local businesses wither and die.

It seems that now Walmart is offering discounted check cashing services in 1400 of it's locations, with more to come. Now who's crying foul? Why, the local, viciously predatory payday lenders, of course. Walmart is charging just one quarter to one third of what they charge someone who has a job but not a bank account to cash a paycheck.

While Walmart can be a pretty poor corporate citizen, it is pleasing to note that they do not hesitate to target scumbags just as much as old mom and pop.

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